EPCS Iris Scanner

Tepat 4 tahun sejak beroperasi di Indonesia, PT. eKomoditi Solutions Indonesia secara resmi merelease perangkat flagship terbarunya yakni software perkebubunan berbasis android smartphone bernama ePCS versi 3.8, yang menyajikan teknologi pemindai iris mata alias iris scanner. Sebagaimana diketahui, ePCS atau Electronic Plantation Control System merupakan aplikasi pengelolaan bisnis proses di perkebunan berbasis android smartphone yang

palm oil traceability for sustainability

Palm oil industry continues to be attacked by negative issues related to the deforestation, human rights and exploitation. Massive expansion of palm oil plantations is considered to be one of the causes of global warming. In addition, the rise of the “Palm Oil Free” movement campaign has put pressure on the palm oil industry in

Solusi Digital Pertanian Menyambut Industri 4.0

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Penyedia layanan cloud terkemuka di Indonesia, Datacomm Cloud Business bersama dengan mitra, memperkenalkan solusi Digital Perkebunan Terintegrasi SMART AGRICULTURE untuk Perkebunan pada umumnya dan perkebunan Kelapa Sawit dan Perkebunan Tebu pada khususnya. Pertumbuhan bisnis Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit di Indonesia berkembang sangat cepat, karena minyak sawit adalah industri terpenting di Indonesia yang menyumbang

scheme epcs business process for fisheries

Jakarta – The Global Maritime Axis seems to be a realistic dream for  Indonesia since Joko Widodo became a president of Republic of Indonesia. Mainstream opinion believes that the development of the maritime sector is the key to improving Indonesia’s economy, because a lot of potential in our waters is still untapped. In line with

Cangkang visit

Last February the eKomoditi team assisted with the sourcing of palm kernel shells to a rubber processing plantation in West Kalimantan. The palm oil mill’s location was 5 hours from the nearest city and had a capacity of 60 tons/hour. Using PlantationDirectory.com companies are able to locate commodities as well as sell their commodities on

eKSI Day

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Eksi Day 2018

eKSI Day is an annual event that all employees are required to participate.  This year the theme was Amazing Race at old Jakarta. With the Historia Indonesia Community (HIC), the amazing race is an activity to explore the old Jakarta area by following instructions and performing challenges. The venues visited included the Puppet Museum, Jakarta


PT e–Komoditi Solutions Indonesia meluncurkan PlantationDirectory.com. Situs ini adalah platform e-commerce pertama di Indonesia yang khusus untuk melayani transaksi jual beli (take over) lahan perkebunan dan komoditas. Ferron Haryanto Chief Executife Officer (CEO) PT e-Komoditi Solutions Indonesia, menjelaskan bahwa kehadiran situs ini menjadi solusi bagi perusahaan kelapa sawit yang ingin ekspansi  lahan.“Jadi perusahaan bisa mengakusisi lahan yang

Event Kemayoran

“ Ekomoditi Solutions Indonesia and Sawit Indonesia has participated at INAPALM ASIA 2017 on 23-25 August 2017 at Kemayoran Jakarta. We are developing Indonesia’s first platform dedicated to plantations. As a technology pioneer in the only platform for plantations and commodities in Indonesia, EKSI facilitates the traditional process of buying and selling of plantations throughPlantationDirectory.com. Buyers


“The eKomoditi Plantation team visited a 10k hectare palm oil plantation located at Muara Bungo in West Sumatera for a week. We conducted an assessment of the Standard Operation Procedure starting from morning muster, upkeep activity, harvesting, loading transport, weighbridge and mill grading. The focus was on socialization of our Android ePCS (Electronic Plantation Control

Happy Holidays and New Year!

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To celebrate the end of 2016, eKomoditi had a fun filled day doing Archery Clash with a mannequin challenge, coffee time, team lunch, and Star Wars – Rogue One Movie.  Established a little over two years ago, eKomoditi has grown quickly while still providing a work culture that focuses on teamwork and communication. We wish