About Us

eKomoditi Solutions Indonesia is one of the leaders in Plantation IT Solutions.  Plantations across Indonesia and Malaysia utilize our systems to streamline their operations.  Our plantation team consists of both IT and business process professionals.  We strive to increase operational efficiency by reducing manual effort and decrease fraud through data transparency.

eKomoditi was established with the vision of enabling process streamlining through advanced user-friendly ICT infrastructure and applications for vertical specific enterprises of various scale without the risks associated with adopting the latest in technology. By leveraging on our investments in technology and Infrastructure, we are to provide best practices-based domain specific solution design, development, implementation and outsourced managed services to our customers globally.

Today, eKomoditi has a large Talent Pool of software engineers and designers from Indonesia and around the globe. Our best practices and processes oriented delivery centre is pioneering progress and innovation in Indonesia, and is committed to partnering with clients, government, and industries worldwide to provide innovative and cost effective outsourced and managed solutions and services.

Currently our Global Delivery Centre provides outsourced Software Application Development services to customers from Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Ghana, Sweden and Malaysia.